DITR: ATH Joshua Isaac Jr. Evangel Christian Academy (Shreveport, LA)

At 5’6 155lbs with a 3.7 gpa, Joshua Isaac Jr. is a skat back out of Evangel Christian Academy (Shreveport, LA) that can catch and run with the ball effortlessly. Isaac is quick, elusive and has great ball carrying vision. This past season he was a district honorable mention and had a total of 794 yards rushing and 230 receiving yards with 15 touchdowns.

How do you build camaraderie and teamwork with your fellow players on and off the field?

“I encourage my teammates to do whatever has to be done whether if it’s on or off the field like grades. And we even hang out off the field to build chemistry.”

Can you describe your training routine during the offseason

“I work out two times a day sometimes three. I work out with the school then go to coach Prude to work on my footwork and the little things.”

What adjustments do you make during a game if the original game plan isn’t working?

“Depending on how fast the game is going i either make adjustments by becoming more patient or speeding up.”

How do you stay motivated during tough times or after a loss?

“I stay motivated by having a short term memory and moving on to see what i can do better.”

What lessons have you learned from your coaches that have made a significant impact on you?

“The lesson i learned from my coaches is to focus on the fundamentals and never run away from them, because that can mess you up significantly.”

How do you approach leadership on the team, whether you have a formal leadership role or not?

‘I take a role of leader by being the example and showing the guys what to do and how to do certain things, and also locking guys in who are not focusing.”

Can you share an example of a time when you had to step up and take on additional responsibility for the team?

“When I make a mistake I take responsibility for all of them.”

What snack do you eat before a game?


What is your motivation?

“My motivation is my family. I want to put everyone in a better place.”

How do you handle criticism from coaches, teammates, and even spectators, and how do you use it to improve?

“I take the criticism and improve my game off the criticism.”

What specific skills or techniques have you been focusing on improving recently?

“I have been working on my speed and my footwork.”

Can you talk about a time when you had to overcome an injury or setback and how you managed the recovery process?

” A setback is when I transferred schools and I had to wait a whole year to get back on the field, so I stayed patient and worked till the opportunity came.”

How do you celebrate a victory, and what do you learn from the experience of winning?

“I celebrate winning with my teammates and what I’ve learned from that experience is to soak up every moment from it.”

What role do your family and friends play in supporting your football journey?

“My family are my number 1 supporters and they support my journey 100% of the way and without them I don’t know where I would be.”