Diamond in the Rough: Nick Sciara

Nick will be playing in the 2019 LGF All-Star Bowl at Louisiana College on Dec 28th at 5 pm

Nick Sciara is a 4-star offensive lineman out of Oak Grove High School (Oak Grove, LA). Nick  enters his senior year at 6’1, 285 lbs. with a bench of 325 and a squat of 615. Nick possess exceptional explosiveness off the ball with the strength and agility to compliment it. What is more impressive, however, is Nick’s intelligence and his diligence in the classroom. Boasting a perfect 4.0 GPA and an ACT score of 29, Sciara fits the mold of a model lineman and young man. Along with football, Nick played 1st base and pitcher for his high school baseball team and throws discus for Oak Grove track & field. Nick’s football career began in junior high, where he fell in love with the competitiveness of the sport and realized his potential as an aggressive force on the line of scrimmage. Following workouts, I received the opportunity to talk to this talented young man about his life, goals, and experience with the game of football.

What is your favorite aspect of football? When did you first realize your love for the sport?

What initially attracted me to football was the competitiveness of the sport. The best players deserve to play and it isn’t a sport of entitlement. Along with that, I love the camaraderie and relationships that develop from being on a team. Additionally, the physical aggressiveness of the game is what drives me. I just love to go out there as an aggressor.

In your opinion, what is the hardest aspect in preparing for a game? 

Definitely the mental side of things. I have to make sure that my focus always remains constant. Thinking is a crucial part of the game, but I believe it’s important to trust your muscle memory. At the end of the day, a huge part of playing offensive line is muscle memory and reinforcing what we’re taught in practice. 

Do you have any personal goals for this season? Any goals as a team?

Personally, my goal is to make All-State. I made All-State as a junior, so repeating and attaining that honor in back-to-back years is huge. For our team, winning the State Championship is what we strive for. Last year we made it to the Superdome but came up short. This year we aim to finish strong and win it all.

That must be a bittersweet feeling. What is it like to make it all the way to a championship only to come up short? How are you and your teammates using that for motivation this season?

Well, first of all, that was an experience I’ll never forget. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Getting to play on that stage, against the best of the best is what I love about the sport. It’s unfortunate that our team fell short of winning it all, but it showed us that we have the talent and experience to get there again. It proved that we’re capable and only motivates us more to go out and win a championship because now we have a taste for it, we know that we belong with the best.

Can you describe your style of play? Is there an athlete that you model your game after and is a personal favorite?

We (Oak Grove) run a ground and pound offense, so my playstyle is definitely that of a run-blocker. I love to be hyper aggressive and impose my will on an opponent. That’s why my favorite athlete is Quenton Nelson of the Indianapolis Colts. Seeing how a rookie lineman can go out there, toe-to-toe with guys like Jadeveon Clowney and use his aggressiveness to manhandle those guys is a huge inspiration. 

What would you tell a coach or recruiter about yourself that sets you apart from the crowd? What do you believe is your best quality as a player and young man?

I have a relentless drive when it comes to things like practice and workouts. I firmly believe and expect myself to always go above and beyond what is expected. I also believe in myself as an intelligent person. Coaches appreciate someone who works just as hard in the classroom as they do on the practice field.

Is there a certain quality that you believe is most vital in being an effective offensive lineman?

Besides the intelligence factor, it’s crucial that you remain as aggressive as possible. Football is won or lost in the trenches, so you have to be relentless play after play. That’s essential in setting the tone for a game. 

Lastly, what do you believe is the hardest part of playing offensive line?

Everything starts upfront. If we miss an assignment and don’t do our job, then a play can fall apart immediately. Dealing with that scrutiny is difficult. As a lineman, we receive the front-end of the blame, yet rarely are the first to be praised. That sort of expectation and pressure is what drives me to be great.


Nick currently has offers from Louisiana College (Pineville, LA) and Hendrix College (Conway, AR) with hopes that more offers are on the way.

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