Diamond in the Rough: Dylan Mehrotra

Dylan Mehrotra is a class of 2021 quarterback from Episcopal High School in Baton Rouge, LA. Mehrotra stands at 6’2 185 lbs with a 40 yard time of 4.7. In his 2019 campaign, Dylan led his team to a 9-3 record, throwing 82 of 132 for 1,271 yards and 18 touchdowns. On the ground, Mehrotra rushed for 228 yards on 37 carries for 3 touchdowns. Equally dangerous as a passer and runner, Mehrotra has a big arm with the capabilities of torching defenses with the deep ball while also having the ability to escape the pocket and pick up big plays on the ground. Mehrotra is excellent in the pocket, but what is possibly more impressive is his ability to accurately deliver the ball on the run. Along with his excellent deep ball accuracy, Mehrotra can effectively deliver on short and intermediate routes as well, making him an overall headache for opposing defenses. With an exceptional football IQ, Dylan also excels in the classroom, posting an overall GPA of a 3.4. 

At what age did you begin playing football and what initially interested you about the sport?

 I began playing tackle football in third grade for All Star at Parkview. What interested me at first was being able to hit people and the thrill of hearing people cheering you on as you run for a touchdown.

What did football teach you about yourself or life once you began playing?

Football gave me something to be passionate about. It taught me the importance of hard work. If you work hard you can accomplish anything you want.

Who or what has been your biggest motivation or role model in the sport?

I would say my dad.  When I was little I told him I wanted to be a Quarterback and he’s done everything he can to help me live my dreams.

Do you have a favorite memory from your playing career?

Probably my game against capitol this past season. It was awesome to go 7/7 with 4 TDs in one half. Also being named a WBRZ player of the week finalist because of that game.

Are you involved in any other sports or activities at school besides football? If so, how do you believe those experiences have helped you on the football field?

Yes, I do Track and Field for Episcopal.  Track has definitely helped me with football in becoming a better athlete but also a better person and leader. Coach Dupe is the best Track/Cross Country coach in the world and always preaches that we are good people no matter what we are doing.

As a quarterback, what is it like being in that leadership position? What is the most rewarding aspect and what is the most challenging?

 I love playing the Quarterback position because you get total control of the offense and get to dictate where the ball goes on most plays. The most rewarding aspect is seeing the joy on my teammates faces when they catch a touchdown pass. I love seeing my teammates succeed and getting them involved.

Do you have a favorite athlete, college or NFL, that you look up to?

An athlete, I look up to most is Lebron James. He is an amazing athlete and is a great person off the court.

 What current player, college or NFL, do you believe your playstyle reflects most? 

I would say Deshaun Watson. We both have very strong arms and have the ability and speed to make you miss in the open field.

Outside of sports, do you have any hobbies or passions you pursue in your free time? What about them do you enjoy most?

 I love spending time with my family and friends. I love getting time on weekends to help them around the house and eating together as a family. 

For the 2020 season, what are some personal goals that you look forward to accomplish? Has your team set a specific set of goals for the upcoming season as well?

This coming season is very important to me and my teammates and it’s also my last year of highschool football. Our goal is to win a state championship and I think we have the pieces to do so. 

What do you believe separates you from other high school quarterbacks in the state of Louisiana? What makes you unique to your position?

 What separates me is my high football IQ, my strong arm, my accuracy, and my quickness. But most importantly I am a good leader. 

What advice would you give to younger football players who hope to one day play high school football?

 I would tell them to work hard in the weightroom and on the field. Also they need to work hard in the film room. Studying film on your opponent and yourself can definitely give you the upper hand when Friday night comes. You only get 4 years of highschool football, so you should make the most of it.

Finally, what do you believe to be the most rewarding part about playing the sport and being a part of a team?

 The brotherhood of a football team is like no other sport. The relationships I have made with my teammates and even opposing players have been memorable. The tough practices, bus rides, wins and losses are definitely the main things I will miss after this coming season.