Diamond in the Rough: Bernard Causey

Although he is well-known around the city of New Orleans, CB Bernard Causey of John F. Kennedy High School maybe one of the biggest sleepers in the country. Causey is rated as a three-star prospect by both 247 Sports and On3 and is listed at 6-0, 160 pounds. Despite not having a lot of interceptions on his resume, he hits like a linebacker in the open field and is a fantastic lockdown corner. The Ole Miss commit is a big component of the Cougars’ staunch defense which has only allowed its opponents to score seven points a game.

When did you start playing football and what initially stood out to you when you first played?

“I have been playing football since I was three years old with five and six-year-olds at Digby Park in New Orleans East. Football was in my blood and I knew I was going to be a star.”

Besides football, do you play other sports?

“I am on the track team and I also played basketball and baseball when I was younger. Coach (Elpheage) makes it mandatory for all skill positions to run track. I have only participated in three meets and I mainly practiced with them. The fastest I have run in the 100m was 10.6.”

What are your biggest attributes on the field and off?

“Leadership. I got the energy to bring my whole team up.”

Your coach, Lynarise Elpheage, was a great defensive back himself at Tulane where he was an All-Conference and was inducted into the Tulane Athletics Hall of Fame. How has he helped with your development?

“Coach Elpheage has taught me a lot of key things. He taught me how to read a receiver when coming to the line. He taught me a lot of things that you should know as a DB. He also taught me that everything is not about you, it’s about the team. I had a bad habit of doing someone else’s job but he taught me to do your job. He has taught me a bunch of things whether it’s on the field or off.”

At JFK, what would you consider your favorite memory while playing here?

“My favorite memory was eating Thanksgiving with my teammates last season. If you are still practicing and eating as a team together during Thanksgiving, you know you did something special.”

What is your biggest motivator?

“Brotherhood. Brotherhood and loyalty are very important to me because if you want to be around me you have those two things. Loyalty connects with brotherhood.”

I know you’re committed to Ole Miss but what led you to commit to Ole Miss?

“They came to visit me at school but I wasn’t there that day. However, they came back and I talked to (Ole Miss defensive coordinator) Pete Golding throughout the process before they offered me. It felt like I was already offered and I was just waiting for them to offer me. It was just the communication and I always wanted to play SEC football. I also wanted to be at a place where I could be 100% focused. I know Coach Lane Kiffin and Pete Golding have a lot of experience in winning. Coach Golding is from Louisiana and he also used to coach with Nick Saban as well.”

What has your relationship been like with Coach Golding throughout the whole process?

“Me and Coach Golding are locked in. He’s my dawg. He hits me up almost every day and I hit him up any day, any time. We have that relationship, fasho.”

You also picked up an offer from LSU recently. What was your reaction like when you got offered?

“I have been having a relationship with LSU since my 10th grade year. I’ve been talking with Coach Sherm (Wilson), Coach Frank (Wilson) and Coach Carter (Sheridan) when he was at LSU but he’s the running backs coach at Tulane. It is always going to feel good to get offered by the biggest school in the state. I feel like a neighborhood hero for real.”

Do you have any hobbies outside of football?

“In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my son and working on my game.”

What do you think separates you from all of the other cornerbacks not only in the state but the nation?

“I bring the energy that no one else can.”

When you’re time here at JFK is finished, how do you want your coaches and teammates to remember you?

“I want my coaches and teammates to remember me as the player who came through and made everything possible.”