D.I.T.R: Landon Blackwood

Landon Blackwood is a 6’0″ 170 lb class of 2024 Quarterback for Hartselle High School in Hartselle, AL. This will be Landon’s first year starting after backing up Jack Smith last year. Landon is expected to come in and lead Hartselle to immediate success. Landon is a very smart kid who is willing to study the position with great arm strength. Last year as a junior, Landon only threw 17 passes, completing 11 for 203 yards and a touchdown. Landon now has the trust of the team and will look to lead Hartselle to a 6A State Championship Game next year. Check out our Q&A below!

Can you tell us your name and position on the football team?

Landon Blackwood, Quarterback.

What made you decide to play football in high school?

I’ve been playing football since 1st grade and my family loves football. I also moved from Hartselle’s rival Cullman going into high school.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced on the field? 

Playing quarterback, having to pick apart defenses and their coverages are kind of challenging. Our plays depend on what the defense is presenting us.

How do you motivate yourself when things get tough during a game?

Just talking to my teammates and you can tell by looking at them that they are here for you. Some games last year we got down early in the game, and you can tell by looking at everyone that we were gonna come back.

What do you think sets you apart from other players on your team? 

Everyone works hard, but working hard consistently is difficult for some and my teammates have told me that I excel in this area.

Can you talk about a moment in your football career that you’re particularly proud of?

Back in 8th grade when I was at Cullman, our football team only had 20 players. Everyone thought that we would be awful, but we ended up only losing one game that season, to Hartselle.

How do you handle the pressure of being an important player on the team?

All you have to do is have confidence in your abilities in the moment and all the pressure will go away.

How do you balance football and your academic studies? 

This year, I have a couple AP classes so after practice I literally go home, do homework, and go to sleep.

What have you learned about teamwork through playing football? 

Everybody is working towards the same goal. Being able to work with people that are working just as hard as you are for the same reason is easy.

Can you describe your pre-game ritual or superstitions?

Before games, the quarterbacks have to line up 5 yards apart and we have to roll the football and get it to stop on the line before the other players come out or else we lose.

Who is your biggest inspiration or role model in the sport of football?

I like to watch my brother who was 2 years older than me and played football at Hartselle as well. Seeing him makes me want to work hard and be just as good as he was.

How do you stay physically and mentally prepared for each game? 

Physically, we ice bath, stretch, and do yoga. Going home and sleeping and staying off your feet helps as well. Watching film throughout the week helps us prepare mentally as well. Also practicing versus a simulated defense throughout the week helps as well.

What are your goals for the future, both on and off the field?

Our main goal is to win a State Championship and become a good person. I want to get good grades and become a sports medicine physician off the field.

What advice would you give to young aspiring football players?

I would say that some days you are gonna feel like you don’t wanna do anything. If you have discipline to do the work then you will succeed in the end.

What do you hope to achieve with your football career in the future?

I want to play football at the next level. I want to win as many games as possible and win a State Championship Game and try to do everything to play at the next level.