D.I.T.R: Aron Bell

Aron Bell is a 6’0 245 athlete that plays both sides of the ball for the Gilmer Buckeyes. Bell is one of the returning seniors for the team this upcoming season. On the offense, he is a kid that is very physical with the football in his hands, a touchdown machine. On top of that, his build allows him to be a very great blocking fullback that helped two running backs for Gilmer to break the 1,000 yard mark this past year. At linebacker, Bell is a versatile player that can get to the quarterback and also shed blocks to stop the run. He has hopes of racking up a great season in his Senior year to help bring a state championship to Gilmer High School.

Here is Aron Bell’s interview with me.

When did you start playing football?

I started playing in fifth grade.

Have you always played both sides of the ball?

I have always played both sides since the start.

What are some hobbies you like to do outside of school?

Hangout with my friends and plays video games.

Have you played other sports outside of football?

Basketball, baseball, and track.

What was it like playing for Gilmer this past year?

It was fun… It was different coming from Harmony High School. A lot faster and great people around me. Turned out to be a great experience.

Is there a NCAA/NFL player that you would compare yourself to?

Ray Lewis… I like to hit and play physical.

What skills do you have that sets yourself from the others?

I can do multiple things like run the ball, catch, really anything.

Do you have a favorite football moment in your young career?

Starting as a freshman at Harmony.

Who pushes you to be better through your football journey?

My parents and coaches.

What has Coach Metzel done to improve your football career?

Coach has helped expose me to colleges and make me become a better young man.

What are your Senior goals while at Gilmer?

I want to have 90 tackles, at least 10 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and 10 sacks. Off the field, I want to raise my GPA and become more involved in activities at a vet.

How do you succeed as a teammate?

I encourage my teammates to the best of my ability. I help lift my teammates when they are down.

Do you have a certain every gameday ritual?

Listen to music to get hyped before the game.

What are future colleges getting out of you?

I’m coming to be a leader on a team, help the football team to the best of my ability, and learn the game more.

Where do you see yourself a year from now on signing day?

Wherever God takes me.

How can you improve your game over the next year?

Getting more football smart, better reading plays, and working on speed and strength.