January 19, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Tre Griffin

Tre Griffin is a junior running back out of Delta Charter (Ferriday, LA). Griffin stands at 5’9, 180 lbs, with a bench of 275 lb and a 460 lb squat. Griffin is a highly skilled back with the accolades to back up his exceptional talent, receiving the Sango Automotive Player of the Week award in back to back weeks, along with being rewarded the K-104 Impact Player of the Week award this season. Along with season rewards and recognitions, Griffin is a previous 2nd team All-District athlete at both the running back and corner position. As a coach’s son, Griffin undoubtedly has a profound football IQ, and is the quintessential definition of a “student of the game.” Tre’s vision as a ball carrier, paired with great speed and strength would make him an integral part of any offense across the state. Griffins athleticism is unquestionable, playing multiple positions on both sides of the ball, Tre is an iron-man athlete that is crucial for playing at the high school level.

What made you want to get involved in football and how old were you when you realized your love of the sport?

I began playing around 7 years old where I got my start playing flag football. From there I was hooked and got involved at every level, from pee-wee to high school. What I loved most about the sport was the mixture of the mental and physical strategies involved, and I also loved football by watching it on TV.

What are some things you have learned from football and what about the sport have you grown to appreciate most?

I believe the sport has molded me and taught me how to be a good young man. It really teaches you lessons that can carry over later in life. What I love most about football is the bonds you form with both your coaches and players. Those can last a lifetime even when your playing career is over.

Is there a particular play or scheme you always look forward to being called during a game?

Probably zone runs, inside and out. It allows you to have patience and find the running lanes so you can break away for an explosive gain. I also love running sweeps for many of the same reasons and it allows you to be at full speed once the ball is in your hands.

Outside of football, is there anyways you enjoy being active in your community?

Recently I was elected as president of a youth baptist organization I’m apart of. We do a lot of rallys and competitions with other organizations that are a ton of fun. I just love to compete.

Any pre-game traditions you always go to before a big game?

I have a certain playlist that I listen to before every game. I feel like I have to listen to it, in the same order every time, to get my mind focused and fired up before I take the field.

Have you set any personal goals for yourself this season? Any goals for the team?

For the team, the main goal is to make the playoffs and, of course, make it to the Dome. We also rely on our senior leadership to make sure we’re playing as hard as possible. For myself, I have the opportunity to lead the state in rushing, so thats a goal that will always be in the back of my mind.

What would you tell a college coach or recruiter that you believe sets you apart from the pack or makes you special?

I’m extremely coachable. I believe I take constructive criticism really well. A lot of times you see guys get corrected by a coach and immediately hang their head. That will never be me.

Is there any player, college or professional, that you look up to or try and model yourself after?

I’d say Ezekiell Elliot. I love his mentality and how he approaches the game. He’s such a tough runner and is always looking for an opportunity to take it to the house to be a home-run threat. I see a lot of myself in that.

Lastly, are you involved in any other sports outside of football?

I run track for my high school as well. I run the 100m, the 4×1 and 4×2.