May 25, 2022
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Southern University Losses to Georgia Bulldogs 48-6

By: Chassity Oubre

Before the game even started, everyone knew the going would be tough for the Southern Jaguars as they geared up to take on the No. 7 ranked Georgia Bulldogs. Knowing the task at hand, the Jaguars kept their focus and stepped on the field poised and ready to open the contest. Southern might have been hoping Georgia could be caught off guard because they were looking ahead to their next game against Alabama State, but that was not the case. The Jaguars played valiantly at the onset by staying close in score with the Bulldogs. Both teams had trouble moving the ball in the beginning before the Bulldogs hit pay dirt. The Jaguars were quite close during the first half of the game. They were only down by 14 points when play stopped at halftime, due to a touchdown by their running back Lenard Tillery. The Jaguars played hard, but were a bit out matched and out manned to keep pace in the second half of the game. The Jaguars went on to lose the contest by a 48-6 score. Well, one consolation for the Southern Jaguars is that they are entering into their bye week. Also, the Jaguars remain 2-0 in conference play and hold a 2-2 overall record. Southern resumes playing again in the month of October as they take on conference foe Alabama State.

Statistically speaking, the Jaguars top players continue to play well. They include players Austin Howard, Lenard Tillery, Willie Quinn, and Mike Jones, who week end and week out perform consistently. Southern’s quarterback Austin Howard passed for 69yrds, running back Lenard Tillery had 75yds and a touchdown on 19 carries, wide receiver Mike Jones grabbed two receptions for 31yds, and kick return/specialist Willie Quinn had a total of 82yds on four returns, with his longest being 32yds.  Southern’s “Dog Day Defense” registered a sack and caused a fumble for a turnover. After all was said and done, Southern University exited Georgia with a payday of $650,000. On a heartbroken note, Southern’s wide receiver Devon Gales, suffered a spinal injury late in the third quarter, after a head-to-head collision with a Georgia Bulldog player. Prayers were rendered as Gales was carted off of the field. The latest update given about Gales’ condition was that he had hand movements and was in good-high spirits, while under the medical care of Athens Regionals. Certainly, we all pray that Devon would be blessed with a full recovery.

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