School Spotlight: Alamo Heights High School (San Antonio, TX)

Alamo Heights High School located in the middle of San Antonio, Texas, plays in the 5A Classification of Texas High School Football. They are ranked as the #31 team in their classification of 5A along with being the #277 team in the state. The Mules, whose colors are blue and gold, are led by Coach Ron Rittimann. The Mules had a great year going 11-2 and winning their district. They had another year of a deep run in the playoffs before losing to a tough Liberty Hill team. This week, I had the privilege of talking with Coach Rittiman, discussing topics such as the future of this program, and the upward trend they are in. 

Discussing with Coach Rittimann, we talked about how they built this program. Coach Rittiman talked about the 3 pillars they instilled into their program. The pillars are to be a good person, be a great player, and a great teammate. Coach Rittimann wants to develop his players into being successful after high school. He talked about how his players are selfless since his players are doing things the right way. The players train hard, diet the right way,  and get great sleep. They are instilling these habits now so that they can be successful for life after high school. 

The Alamo Heights Mules have been on an upward trend the last 3 years. The thing, according to Coach Rittimann, was that they haven’t scratched their potential yet. The past couple of years, the Mules have usually made the playoffs but not made a deep run. Now, they are making deep runs in consecutive years, which is helping out the community as well. Attendance has been at an all-time high, with season tickets being sold at an all-time rate. All this attendance helps out with their home field advantage, which they use to their advantage. Coach Rittimann also talked about how so many alumni have reached out to him saying they are watching the Mules every game, since the motto around Alamo Heights is “It’s a great day to be a Mule”. 

Before letting him go, I talked with Coach Rittimann about several players who are key contributors to this team.

Coach Rittimann

Jackson Hildebrand is a 6’4″ 275 lbs. offensive lineman who is one of the key parts of their offense. He is a mauler and is great in both run and pass protection.

Will Broderick is a shifty 6’0″ 189 lbs. running back who can take the ball up to the second and third levels in a heartbeat. He is also a ballhawk on defense.

Michael Terry is a 6’3″ 195 lbs. wide receiver who is a great fit in any type of offense. He can also run the ball and is a wildcat option for quarterback.

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