January 31, 2023

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Rising Star: McKale James Wyatt

McKale James Wyatt receiving his Gridiron Football All-American Jersey. (photo credit to Jason Saucier)

McKale James Wyatt is a multi-position athlete who plays for Ferriday Junior High in Ferriday, Louisiana. Playing TE and DE, he is a 5’10 170 lbs. prospect who participated in the LGF All-American Game. Wyatt recently showcased his talents last month at Gridiron Football USA’s Junior Varsity bowl game.

Q: Why do you love football?

A: I like the contact of the game and just the game of football overall. 

Q: Who is the one player you model your game after?

A: George Kittle. 

Q: What sports outside of football do you play?

A: Basketball

Q: What is your favorite memory from football?

A: When my team started making progress and getting more wins

Q: What do you consider your biggest strength of your game?

A: My IQ. I can look at something and fix it.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from football?

A: You have to earn and have to work for everything

Q: What is your dream school?

A: LSU or Jackson State

Q: What is your favorite NFL team?

A: New York Jets

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

A: My coaches

Q: When did you start playing football?

A: I started playing football when I was young and after working on my grades, I restarted in 6th grade.

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