March 27, 2023

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Gridiron Football Top 300: Jackson Carver

Jackson Carver is a class of 2023 tight end out of Loomis Chaffee school in Windsor, Connecticut. Jackson is not like most college football recruits at all. This 6’6 220 pound tight end has only played just one year of high school football. Originally from the state of Minnesota, Carver played hockey and lacrosse his whole life. Since hockey is played both in the fall and winter, he never had the option to play football. Jackson then transferred during his junior year to Culver, Indiana, where his football career began. Playing for Culver Military Academy, he became an immediate starter on both sides of the ball playing tight end and defensive end/tackle. Jackson’s athletic background is shown by the way he plays on the field. He uses his big frame to go up and make big plays, but he also has the speed to beat linebackers off the ball. Jackson also provides a physical presence on the field, especially with his run blocking ability. Jackson will be completing his post-graduate year at Loomis Chaffee this year. He is currently committed to the University of Miami. 

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What made you get into football during your senior year of high school? 

I actually always wanted to play. I grew up in Minnesota playing hockey in the fall and lacrosse during the spring and summer, so I never really had time for football. When I transferred to Culver during my junior year, I wasn’t going to be playing hockey during the fall. Since it was only played in the winter, this was my one chance and I had to go for it. So I went for it and never looked back. 

What made you choose Loomis Chaffe?

Loomis is one of the best teams in their conference with some really good players. I’ll be getting the chance to go up against two defensive ends who have received offers from Alabama and Georgia everyday. So that’s what I’m really looking forward to that competition I’ll have every single day

Describe your style of play.

I think the big thing about me is that I have the skill set to do whatever. Whether that is blocking, running routes, and stretching the field. I have a big enough frame and physical enough to be able block and move some weight in the trenches. I also have an athletic background and athletically gifted to beat safeties and linebackers downfield.

What is your personal goal for this season?

On rivals, I’m ranked in the top 15 for my position and on 24/7 sports I’m ranked in the mid-20s. My goal is to be a top 10 consensus. I believe I have the skills to be there but because I have only played one year, a lot of these rankings haven’t given me the benefit of the doubt because of the lack of film and experience. I’m just going out there to prove myself and help my team win another conference championship.

What are your hobbies?

A lot of my life has been sports but I succeed in school. I enjoy academics but I love to play NHL on playstation and just hanging out with friends.

Who would you say is your biggest role model?

My parents. My dad and mom have raised me right and I owe everything to them.

Describe a time that you went through adversity.

When I left my old school to go to Culver in the middle of my Junior year. Junior year is a big year, not just sports but also for school and starting to focus on college. Making that big switch was pretty tough especially in the middle of the year and when covid was still a big part of our lives. It was a little tough but it made me better and helped me adapt to new situations. It also crossed over into football and help me adapt to this new sport and pick it up in a short amount of time.

Do you play any other sports?

Yeah I actually played and got recruited for both hockey and lacrosse.

What makes you different from all the other college recruits?

Yeah, I think the one thing that has given me the edge is my competitiveness. I never wanted to lose whether it was sports, card games, video games, or anything like that. I’ve always had this competitive edge to me and it’s helped me in all the sports I’ve played. In whatever I do, I just want to be the best. I think my competitive edge has helped me get to the next level in football without having the experience all these other guys have.

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