January 25, 2022
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Episcopal defeats Port Allen, 31-18, to win District title

It was a big District game and also Port Allen’s senior night at Port Allen High School. The quarterbacks on both teams are crafty and swift. Both also had aggressive defenses in the first quarter, making it hard for either team to get that far down the field. This resulted in the score staying at 0-0 after the first quarter. 

Port Allen’s quarterback, Jacoby Howard, runs the ball well and also has a great arm. He is fast, and versatile as well as he made a big interception in the second quarter for the Pelicans. Mekyle Franklin intercepted the ball in the 1st quarter and also had two touchdowns. The Pelicans are now 4-2.

Dylan Mehrotra, quarterback for the Knights, had a great night and connected a lot of throws. Oliver Jack had three touchdowns for the night, one in both the second and third quarters. Thomas D’Armond made the third touchdown of the night. Ryan Armwood was also a player who ran the ball well all game. The Knights are now 9-0.