ED White steamrolls past Woodlawn BR

Woodlawn-BR @ ED White

It was a packed house for ED White as they hosted Woodlawn-BR to town. You could tell from pregame that the score would be lopsided. Woodlawn did not travel well and the players looked like they were going through the motions. ED White on the other hand looked ready to go and was locked in. I will say this about ED White. They are going to be a tough matchup for anybody. I think it’s a real shot at going undefeated and a deep push in the playoffs for the Cardinals. Can they hang with ULab? LCA? STM? The D-II Select bracket will be loaded assuming the LHSAA confirms those teams together.

Take a look at ED White coming out the tunnel. They were ready to go!

I want to give a shoutout to ED White’s strength and conditioning program. The strength coaches have been doing an excellent job with molding the players in the program. One thing that stood out is the physicality. I can see a hungry team that embraces the physical components. I remember scouting ED White last year in a jamboree game and I was impressed with the numbers and measurable aspects of the team. Now a year later, ED White has been dominating teams with blowouts in every game so far this season. In week 4, they steamrolled over Woodlawn BR.

First score of the game came by RB #20 for ED White.

Woodlawn would then answer back a with nice drive and score but that would be all they could do on the night.

Woodlawn is now 1-3 on the season as they are hurting after losing Rickie Collins and that great senior class. The schedule has been brutal and I don’t see it getting any easier on the back end. This will be a long year for Woodlawn-BR. They are young and have to build back up.

ED White is now 4-0. Nobody has been close against them. I see the Cardinals keeping this momentum rolling as they face cross town rivals Thibodaux next week. You have to have a solid front 7 as ED White will look to punish you for 4 quarters. Pound for pound, the Catholic school can hang with most teams in the state. They run the double wing offense. They stay low and create confusion with motions and movement. There’s a saying, “You can’t hit what you can’t see.” ED White got many options to get to the second and third levels of the defense. They start out low which is hard to see and make reads on tackles. I do think that they need to work on the passing game being more of a threat. One area of concern would be if the run game gets shutdown and the WRs would be put in situations where they have to beat 1v1s. I can’t wait for the playoffs for D-II.

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