DITR: Jaydon Ross

Jaydon Ross is a class of 2022 nose guard for Caldwell Parish High School in Columbia, Louisiana. Ross is 6’2” and 390 lbs. With great size, Jaydon is an aggressive player who has the ability to beat double teams at the next level. In the past two seasons, Jaydon was named as an honorable mention for his play at nose guard. Ross also gets his work done in the classroom holding a solid 3.5 GPA.

How long have you been playing football?

I have been playing football since 6th grade. I didn’t really have anyone who first got me into it, I just always watched the game and so I wanted to try it out. I have loved it ever since.

Do you play any other sports?

I do powerlifting and track. I would say these sports definitely translate to my play in football. Powerlifting helps me get in shape and get stronger for the season. Track helps me stay in shape from an endurance standpoint.

Do you play any other positions or only RB?

I played a little offensive line as a freshman and sophomore. But as I got to my junior and senior season, I have only played nose guard.

What did your off-season training regiment look like?

I would start off a regular day with weight in the morning. After that, we would go through some drills for the most part. This was definitely a big offseason for me, I got a lot of help from coaches. We were doing a lot of game situation type drills and so I felt like going through that in the offseason helped me be prepared for this season.

Did you have any goals for this season?

Our defense had two goals for this season, hold a team to zero points and get 10 sacks as a unit. Even though our team record wasn’t the best, our defense was able to accomplish these goals and for that I am very proud.

What kind of nose guard would you describe yourself as? Are you better with run stuffing or bull rushing?

I am a big guy so I would say that my power is my strong suit. I can take on a double team easily, I am very powerful, and I can bull rush easily. But I usually get rotated out on 3rd down passing situations for someone who has better speed. I would prefer to be in the game in those situations but I understand that it is better for the team and that is all that matters.

What is your most memorable moment on the field?

I would have to say when we won the District Championship in my junior year. We ended up winning by one point and the game was close the whole time. We ended up winning on a two point conversion where we just barely made it past the goal line. After winning that game the feeling was unreal and that is something that I will never forget.

How would your teammates describe you?

I think they would describe me as a leader. I am always willing to help out and teach the guys who are younger than me the stuff that I have learned over the years. I’m always there for the guys, listening to their problems, never trying to put them down or anything.

What is a part of your game that you feel will translate to the next level?

I would say defeating double teams and pursuing the football to make plays down the field. I have pretty good size so I get double teamed often. I feel like being able to occupy two defenders is really helpful for our defense, especially since I can usually break through the double team and make the tackle.

What is a part of your game that you feel like you need to get better at?

I feel like speed is definitely something that I can improve. I have been working on my speed in the off season and during track. I have gotten a lot better about it since my freshman year but I’m not satisfied. Thinking back to my freshman year, it was not a good year for me on film but through the years you can see the progression and so being able to see that improvement inspires me to get better.

What are you thinking pre-snap?

Come off the line hard, don’t come off soft. I just try to tell myself whatever happens, happens and make the next play better than the last one. I have found that having a short memory is the best way to go about the game. I know that even if I mess up on one play, I just need to move onto the next one and not dwell on it.

What is something that recruiters should know about you?

I am a student athlete. I take pride in school and I am a very hardworking person. I don’t give up easily and I am a leader. I am the kind of person who may follow at first, but once I get comfortable I learn how I can be a leader in my role.

Do you think football has affected you as a person?

Without a doubt. It has shaped me to be a better man and showed me discipline. I just feel like I am lucky because I have been able to be around great coaches who have pushed me to work harder and strive for more in my life. I know there’s plenty of kids who don’t have those types of role models and so to have people around me who have shaped me to be better has just made me want to work harder to prove that they were right to believe in me.

Has football taught you any valuable life lessons?

Never give up, no matter what. Even if it feels like it is the worst thing ever and you feel like you have reached your breaking point, keep working, keep striving because it is worth it to prove to yourself what you can do.

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