DITR: Brian Jenkins

Brian Jenkins is a class of 2023 running back for Pearl River High School in Pearl River, Louisiana. Brian is 5’9” and 191 lbs. Brian is an all around back who has the kind of strength and speed that translates to the next level. Last season, Brian was named second team all state and first team all district. Jenkins also gets his work done in the classroom holding a solid 3.0 GPA.

Do you play any other sports? 

B: Other than football I play basketball and track. I love the sports and they help me keep in shape for football season. 

What did your off-season training regiment look like?

B: I was doing a lot of weight lifting, working mostly on high speed training. I was training with my dad also, we were really focusing on improving my stiff arm and I am happy with where the progress has gotten me.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming season?

B: I am trying to consistently improve, so my main goal is to get my rushing total past what I had last year. Somewhere close to 2000 yards is what I am pushing for.

What kind of running back would you describe yourself as? 

B: I am an all around kind of back. Most of my work has come through the rushing game more than the passing game, but I can do anything on the field.

What is your favorite part about playing running back?

B: It definitely has to be driving through contact. I love to make people feel my presence out on the field.

How would your teammates describe you? 

B: Probably as quiet and humble. I’m definitely more of a leader by example than a vocal leader.

What is a part of your game that you feel will translate to the next level?

B: Other than my work ethic, I feel that my football IQ is at a place where it can translate.

What is a part of your game that you feel like you need to get better at?

B: My decision making is something that I’m constantly working on. I try to watch as much film as I can to make my game better because I can see in film that I miss the hole at times.

Do you have any role models who have inspired you? It can be football related or just life? 

B: I have a lot of role models in my life. My dad and my grandpa are guys who I really look up to. My cousin inspires me to get better because of all the improvement that he has made in football. He is younger than me and constantly getting better, so it pushes me to work harder because I want to be better than him. Other than them, my mom inspires me to do great in everything.

What are you thinking pre-snap?

B: I try to visualize the play before it starts. I look at the defense and try to think about where my next option is if they close the hole.

What is something that recruiters should know about you?

B: That I am willing to do anything that it takes to win. I pride myself on being the first man in weight room and the last man to leave

Why do you play football?

B: First of all, I love the sport. There’s nothing like walking out on that field and being able to hit someone every play. Secondly, because I have a goal to make it to the NFL and I want to prove that I can do it.

Has football taught you any valuable lessons? 

B: There is no I in team. I can’t win the game all by myself, when we all play as one unit we play better. My success has not come from my talent alone, if I didn’t have any blockers out there I wouldn’t be getting recognized.

Click Here to watch Brian’s highlight

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