March 28, 2023

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Diamond In The Rough: Major Newman

Major Newman is a Linebacker prospect from Alcoa, Tennessee and plays for the Alcoa Tornadoes. Standing at 6’3 and 190lbs, Major might be the definition of a versatile football player. For starters, he is a sure tackler who does not shy away from lowering his head and creating contact. He has good speed for the position to plug up any holes in the line to stop the run game and provides great coverage skills. He possesses great football IQ to sniff out routes before they develop and break them up. Lastly, he has shown flashes of pass rush moves in order to get pressure on the Quarter Back and provides value on Special Teams. Overall, Major Newman is a well – rounded football player who can dominate all over the field on Saturdays and provides good leadership on the field, as well as off it too.   

Check out Major’s highlights here.

Tell me about yourself, what are some things you are into? I like sports a lot. Besides sports, most of the time I am hanging out with my friends or just chilling and working out. I play video games sometimes and I like to be outdoors. Me and my friends just pick a day and drive to the mountains to just look around and walk somewhere.  It is cool because from our football field you can see the mountain, you can see them form our classrooms too.

When did you start playing football? What made you get into it? I started playing flag from 5 to 6 and once I hit 7, I played tackle. I have been playing tackle ever since. At the beginning, it was just something that I wanted to do. Seeing all the bigger kids play football made me want to play it too. I do not do it just to play football now. There are a lot of people and reasons that I do it for now.

What motivates you to get out and practice every day? What is your why? My mom for sure, she has been number one. She does anything in her power to make sure that I am good. My Uncle who recently passed was also a big factor. He stayed on me to make sure that I am doing the right thing. Losing him made me realize I have to get out. I want to get out and see the world, I want to put my family in better situations.

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Is there anybody that you look up to/aspire to be? My mom and uncle, I still read through our texts. My Defensive coordinator too, he is  a blue collar type guy. He will get on you when he needs to, but he loves you at the same time. If he was not hear, then Alcoa would be ten times different.

Do you have a favorite College or NFL team? My favorite college is Arizona State, I really think the est coast life is for me. I like the eagles, I liked them since 2010 since LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson were there. I was also a big time Michael Vick fan. Honestly, I liked them back then because they were winning. I just stuck with them, they had the certain vibe I liked.

What NFL player do you try to model your game around? Isiah Simmons because his body type and frame, he is capable of paying safety, nickel, Outside Linebacker. He is super versatile just like me. We are both quick, fast, football smart, long, super lanky. I just think I am super versatile, so my game resembles his greatly.

What has football taught you about life and yourself in general? It has definitely taught accountability and leadership for sure. It is not like holding others accountable, just holding myself accountable to the position I am supposed to play. Playing Quarter Back helped me transition with the leadership from telling my teammates what to do on offense, to being the Quarter Back of the defense and getting my guys in the right spot. I preach to my teammates “I’m going to get y’all through it,” “I’m going to make sure y’all are good.” I cannot mess up when I talk this and that. It is coming up in the moment when you said you would.

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