Diamond in the Rough: Davontae Brown

Davontae Brown is a wide receiver and tight-end in the class of 2024 that plays for Northwest High School in the Opelousas area. At 6’2 and 190 lb., Davontae is an exciting prospect out of the Louisiana scene and most recently attended the Gridiron Football Elite Eunice Camp. Excelling specifically as a blocker, he is ready for a breakout senior season and has shown he is willing to put in the amount of hours of hard work and effort to make that happen.

Davontae Q&A:

Q: What first inspired you to play football and what keeps you playing today?

“What made me play football is watching it as a kid, Odell inspired me to play football with the catches he used to make, how fast he was, his workouts.”

Q: Did you have any moments of doubt where you had to push yourself to get through it?

“Going into high school as a sophomore, I just thought it was going to be easy but I saw that I had to work hard to gain a spot on the field.”

Q: What is your biggest strength on the field and off the field?

“My biggest strength on the field is blocking and trying to stay focused during practice listening to what the coaches are saying. Off the field my biggest strength is making sure my grades are right, and also trying to make sure the people around me are good.”

Q: Do you have a proudest football memory?

“When we made it to playoffs. We were playing well in the first half but then we lost. Our seniors were down so we had to help pick them up and cheer them up.”

Davontae walking off the field (photo via Davontae Brown)

Q: What’s the biggest lesson you learned at Gridiron’s Football Camps?

“To stay humble and keep working because there’s always people working when you’re not working. To gain a spot on the field, you have to work for it, you can’t just sit around and do nothing while other people are trying to take your spot.”

Q: What activities outside of football keep you sharp for the season?

“I do band, so we do parades and stuff, marching three or four miles. I’m in track, in season right now as well.”

Q: Do you have any goals in football and outside?

“In football I hope to make it to the next level and hopefully I get a chance to go pro. Outside of football I want to get a business degree and start my own business.”

Q: Do you have a dream college school and why that school?

“I’d like to go to Southern, because my mom went to Southern. She did not get to finish but I want to be able to go to Southern and finish all four years.”

Davontae kneeling before a game (photo via Davontae Brown)

Q: What professional player in the NFL do you compare yourself to or model your game after?

“I don’t really compare myself to anyone because I like to do my own thing and everyone has different skills. If I had to have a role model I would look up to Travis Kelce.”

Q: If you had to pitch yourself to a recruiter, how would you describe yourself?

“I’m very good at blocking, and my catching is improving a lot. I like to motivate my teammates when they’re down, I make sure I’m good in class. During practice I like to stay focused and don’t like to clown a lot because that’s when we get off track.”

Q: Do you have a specific way you prepare for a game?

“Every Thursday and Friday I eat spaghetti, and for pregame I just listen to music and sit down to think about what I need to do for the game so we can win.”

Q: If you had to give advice to any incoming football players, what advice would you give them?

“Stay humble, anyone can come and take your spot if you get too cocky. Coaches might also put you down a level for being too cocky, so keep working, focus on more mental reps and craft.”

Q: Do you have a favorite football movie?

“It’s not a movie, but may favorite football series is All-American.”

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