August 19, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Chris Bess

Chris Bess is a 6’2″ 250 pound tight end out of Southern University Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Bess is in the class of 2022. He can run the ball and can also run down an opponent on the field. He is very aggressive and physical. He is also on the Basketball and Track & Field team at Southern Lab. He has been 1st Team All-District and has a 3.8 gpa.


At what age did you begin playing football and what motivated you to play this sport?

I started playing football at five years old. At first, I didn’t enjoy playing. I quit playing one year then came back the next year stronger than ever and ready to play. Football just came to me and I fell in love ever since.

You’re on the Basketball and Track & Field team at SU Lab. How do you feel like these two sports help you on the football field?

I run the 200 and 400 in track. They help me build endurance and speed. In basketball, running up and down the court helps me stay in shape.

What’s your favorite thing about your position?

I love getting to the quarterback. I call it a full course meal.

What are some specific goals you have for this season?

First, I want to win a state championship with my teammates. My personal goal is to get 25 sacks this year and make first team all-state.

I saw you guys play against McKinley High on Thursday. How do you personally feel like you guys did, and what do you think the team needs to improve on?

Defensively, I feel like we did pretty good. We did what we had to do and followed the game plan. On offense, we need to move the ball more. We have a young team, so they’re getting the experience. Now that they know what the game speed is, we’ll do a lot better.

How do you think your coaches and teammates would describe you?

They would say I am a leader and team player. If I see someone struggling, I always try to help.

What has football taught you?

Football has taught me to stay disciplined even when times get tough. It’s also taught me to ball out whenever the chance is given.

What’s your favorite thing about playing football in Louisiana?

Louisiana produces the best athletes ever, in any sport. Just trying to be known as another Louisiana great is what I am striving for.

What would you bring to a college team?

I would bring a player that won’t take any plays off and will give 1000% daily.

What would you say are some of your strengths?

The different moves I incorporate from the defensive line. My IQ is also a strength.

Three words to describe yourself are?

Determined, hard-worker, and motivated.

How do you prepare for an upcoming game?

Normally, I watch a ton of film. I try to incorporate different move.

I see you have a 3.8 GPA, what would you say is your favorite subject? How do you balance school and sports?

Since we’re virtual right now, I really just have one online class to attend. i use my free time to study and finish my work before practice. My favorite subject is Science.

If you could vacation anywhere in the world right now, where would you pick?

I would go to the Bahamas!

What hobbies are you involved in besides sports?

I am sort of a country boy. I like to go mud riding, fishing and hunting. I also enjoy playing video games.

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