Diamond In The Rough: Adrian Green

Adrian Green is a 5’11” wide receiver out of Mansfield High School in Mansfield, Louisiana. He weighs 175 pounds. Not only is he a great leader on the football field, but he also one on the basketball and track team at Mansfield High. The multi-sport athlete has great hands and runs well after the catch. He grew up around football, so he knows the value of working hard to achieve your goals in this sport. Green also takes pride in his school work and succeeds in the classroom as he hold a 3.8 gpa and has a 21 on his ACT.


Around what age did you start playing football and what motivated you to keep playing?

I started playing when I was around four years old. My dad is a football coach, so I would be with him at practices whenever they happened. Basically, I was just around the sport all of the time.

Do you participate in any other sports at Mansfield High?

Yes, I’m on the basketball team and I also run track. In basketball, I am a shooting guard. In track, I run the 300 meters hurdles, 4×2 relay, and I triple jump.

What do you enjoy doing outside of football?

I love fishing. I also just enjoy hanging out with my friends when I can.

What are you looking for most in a college program? What would you want to study?

I’m looking for a program that feels like home away from home. I also want the opportunity to earn my play time on the field. I would like to go into Education!

What’s your favorite thing about being a wide receiver?

I love that I get to make big plays and awesome catches. Making the crowd get loud after plays is also great.

What are some goals you have for next season?

Next season, I want to break my school’s record for receptions. The record is 54 receptions so my goal is to get 60. I would also like to achieve double digit touchdowns.

What would you say has been the highlight of your football career?

The highlight of my career would probably be when I caught a one-handed pass against North DeSoto High. It made the news and went crazy on my social media as well.

What do you think coaches and teammates would say about you as a player?

I think they would describe me as a leader. I’ve been starting ever since my freshman year, so they would say I have a high IQ for the game. Teammates would also say I am a good teammate because I always want everyone around me to eat and be successful.

Have you played any position other than wide receiver?

When I was younger, I played running back. When I got to high school, I wanted to be a wide receiver.

What would you say that football has taught you?

It’s taught me my work ethic. My dad always tells me you’re going to get out what you put in. It’s taught me to really prepare myself for any situation and really work hard.

What would you say is your favorite thing about playing football in Louisiana?

There is nothing like Friday nights in Louisiana when the football field lights come on!

What would you tell younger players who hope to play at this level one day?

I would tell them to stay humble and always put in work. Take care of your business in the classroom first.

Do you have a favorite NFL or college athlete?

I do! He just got drafted. I’m a big fan of Jerry Jeudy. He’s a wide receiver that played for Alabama and is now on the Denver Broncos. I try to mold my play style to be like his.