CB Maurice Brown Jr. – Lafayette, LA

Our latest Diamond in the Rough featured athlete is 2024 CB Maurice Brown Jr., out of Acadiana High School in Lafayette, Louisiana. Maurice is a 6’1 and 160 pounds, and he is very speedy defensive back for the Rams. He is someone who fits very well in their defensive schemes. He was a second team all-district selection last season, and he only looks to improve for this year to get that first team recognition. When I asked what his goals were for this season, he responded and said he wanted to be the defensive MVP of the entire state. This shows me that he has been putting in the necessary work during the offseason and is ready to show that on the field. He currently has an offer from the University of Arkansas at Monticello, and is only looking to gain more with his play this season.

Tell me a little bit about yourself, like where are you from and how old were you when you started playing football?

“I’m from Houma, Louisiana, and I was 12 years old when I started ed playing football.”

Do you play any sports other than football or is it just strictly football for you?

“I also run track.”

What is your favorite part about playing defensive back?

“My favorite thing about it is when you are locking up a wide receiver and you get a pass-break up. I like when the crowd cheers me on; I love the feeling.”

Are there any college or pro players that you model your game after?

“Yes, Sauce Gardner.”

What is the strongest part about your game?

“My length and speed.”

What is an area you think you could improve on?

“I could improve on my ball skills.”

What are your goals for this upcoming season?

“To be the defensive MVP of the state.”

How has the recruiting process been so far for you? Any offers? Or any interest from schools?

“The recruiting process has been good, I have one offer from University of Arkansas Monticello. Some other schools that I have talked to are UL, UTSA, LA TECH, NSU, LAMAR, SU, STU and McNeese.”

Why should a college recruit you or continue to do so?

“Because when I’m on the field I’m always taking care of what is necessary and when I’m off the field and in the classroom I do the same.”

How do you enjoy playing in Acadiana’s defense and is it a good fit for you and your style?

“Yes, it is it’s a perfect fit for me and I love it.”

How would your teammates describe you?

“A Good person always wanting to put in extra work and pushes everyone to be great.”

How do you balance your school and football?

“After practice I do all my schoolwork and it works out perfect for me.”

Do you have a role model or someone who has helped along your journey so far?

“Yes I do. My cousin, Jamal Nixon, helped me a lot.”