March 27, 2023

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DITR: Thomas and Jordan Oglesby

Jordan Oglesby (left) and Thomas Ogelsby (right)
Jordan Oglesby (left) and Thomas Ogelsby (right)

Thomas Oglesby is a class of 2022 Defensive End from Eunice High School in Eunice, Louisiana. His older brother, Jordan Oglesby, is a freshman linebacker at Arkansas Baptist College, and this is the first ever time there are 2 Diamonds in the Rough in 1 Diamond in the Rough article from Gridiron Football. 

Thomas, 6’1” and 235lbs, is an A and B student, and as a 3-4 defensive end, he consistently was able to apply pressure to the passer, beating blocks from left tackles across the state. He’s a run stuffer and would fit well along any defensive line. In 9 games this season, he had 14 tackles and 1 pressure.

Jordan, in his first season at Arkansas Baptist, has 25 tackles and a PBU in 4 games. At 6’1” and 220 lbs, he has great vision, filling running lanes quickly and ending plays before they start. He’s a sure tackler, gets around blocks and swarms to the ball consistently.

What position do you play?

Thomas: I play Defensive End.

Jordan: I play Middle Linebacker, I went to school to be a defensive end, but the team needed a linebacker, so I started learning how to play linebacker and started last year.

How long have you been playing football?

T: I’ve been playing since 3rd grade, I took 2 years off before starting back up again in high school.

J: I think I started playing in middle school, probably around 5th grade.

Talk about your role on your team?

T: I see myself in a role like Kobe Bryant had, he was quiet and got in before everyone else, got his work done.

J: On the field, I’m the quarterback of the defense, it’s my job to recognize the offense and point everything out to the rest of the defense and make sure everyone knows their job. I’m directing the traffic of the team. In the locker room, I’m learning and taking everything in, as I was a freshman last year. I’m excited to become a leader of the team and learning from the older guys has helped me develop those leadership skills.

Describe your style of play?

T: I’d say I’m an aggressive run stopper, I always close holes and gaps along the lines.

J: I’m a hard nose linebacker. I take everything head on, and I use my speed to move downhill and attack the rusher.

How would your teammates describe you?

T: Quiet, never complains, always knowing what he must do to get the win.

J: Quiet, a chill person but is a whole different person on field, he’s assertive and aggressive out there trying to lead the team and take what I want on the field.

What is your biggest strength as a player?

T: My mentality on the field, I never give up on a play.

J: My speed, and my vision. I can always see where the ball is and I try to find open holes an creases to get through and fill. All in all, my athletic ability sets me apart.

What do you need to improve on the most to continue your success?

T: I need to work on my speed, and work on some pass rushing moves. I need to pressure the quarterback more this season.

J: My pass coverage needs work, I used to be a defensive end, so I rarely had to cover in the passing game, but now I’m a linebacker. I’m alright in pass coverage, but it still needs some work to be up to the level I expect myself to play at.

What’s your goal for this season?

T: I’m going to dominate the field, have fun, and enjoy my senior season and my last season of high school football.

J: Win as many games as I can and get as much exposure as I can. I’m looking a transfer to a larger school to play football, so I want to get my name out there.

Who is your best college or NFL comparison?

T: Khalil Mack, I watch a lot of his film and I see some similarities.

J: I watch a lot of Rueben Foster tape and try to mold my game after him.

Why are you the guy who should be signed to play at the next level?

T: I work hard, and I love to see myself improve. I want to keep improving at the next level.

J: You will get 100% when you sign me, I won’t slouch, whether it’s on field, in classroom, or off the field, I’ll give 100% and I will be a good representation of the school. If they get me, they’ll get a player who gives 100% all the time. That’s what they’ll get from Jordan.

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