August 14, 2022
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DITR: Pierce Walsh

Pierce Walsh from Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois
Pierce Walsh from Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois

Pierce Walsh is a Class of 2023 Wide Receiver/Tight End from Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois. Pierce has sure hands and goes up to win 50-50 balls with his 6’4” frame. He’s a clean route runner and can bully opposing corners. He is used as a tight end, wide receiver, and defensive end, and shows off his size at all three positions. 

How long have you been playing football?

Pierce: I’ve been playing since 3rd Grade, so 8 years, give or take.

How would you describe your role on the team? 

P: My role on the team is to perform to the best of my ability, make sure I encourage and help my teammates improve, and be a good leader. My role is to do whatever I can to help us win.

How would your teammates describe you?

P: I think they would call me laid back, in the summers I want to get after it in practice and then relax and chill. During the season I’m focused, and on game day, I’m locked on, doing my job, getting the win, and then having fun after wins, hang out with the guys, getting food or whatnot.

What would you say is your biggest strength?

P: My biggest on the field strength is quickness and suddenness, I’m a 4.6 40 guy so I’ not the fastest, but especially on defense I’m quick off the ball, I use my speed in passing situations to get to the quarterback. Those traits work well with my size, and it helps me at all levels of the game. Off the field, I’m positive, keeping kids heads up, making sure the team is on time and not slacking, and just ensuring what is best for the team.

What do you need to improve on the most to make sure you’re successful at the next level?

P: Size and speed, I’m fast for my size but I can be faster, and I want to put weight on, I need to get up to 230 lbs [currently 210lbs.]. I have to take care of body more and make sure I prevent injuries. Knock on wood, I’ve only missed one game ever from injury and I’m all good now.

Who would you compare yourself to, in college or the NFL?

P: As a tight end, George Kittle and, the more I think about it, Darren Waller. Waller used to play receiver and moved to tight end and plays similarly to how I do.

What is your goal for this season with Benet? 

P: The goal for the season is to win out, as a team we’ve been struggling with injuries. I want to make it to playoff, make a playoff run, and make sure I contribute anyway I can. Nothing better than Friday Night Lights, and I’m going to have fun my junior season.

What are you going to bring to the college team that recruits you?

P: Passion for the game and someone who is going to make play on the field and won’t be a problem off field. Someone who the coaches and players want to be around. I will have fun with the guys, and I’ll be a good influence for them. Football is supposed to be fun when it is said and done. 

Pierce has offers from Illinois State, Eastern Illinois, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Miami (OH), Toledo, Northern Illinois.

Click here to check out Pierce’s Hudl.

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