August 19, 2022
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Bulls Elite Battle of the South 7v7

BootBoyz and Phenom in the Battle of the South 7v7 Championship
BootBoyz and Phenom in the Battle of the South 7v7 Championship

This weekend, at gorgeous Kathy Drive Park in Baton Rouge, LA, the Bulls Elite Battle of the South 7v7 Tournament took place. On Sunday, Bulls Elite, Phenom, Redhawks, and BootBoyz went head to head to find a champion.

The first game of the day was between Bulls Elite and Redhawks, and Redhawks came out victorious, getting them a chance to play in the play in game. After that game concluded, Phenom and BootBoyz squared off, with BootBoyz getting a spot in the championship after the win, and Phenom going to face Redhawks in the play in game. It was a back and forth game that came down to the final possession, but Phenom pulled off the victory to earn a rematch against BootBoyz in the final.

The Championship started off close, with both teams scoring early. Phenom started to pull ahead, and BootBoyz made a last attempt at a comeback, but it was too late. Phenom pulled off the win, 30-17.

Below the photo is the rosters for each team.

Phenom after capturing the Battle of the South 7v7 Championship

Phenom 18u 7v7 Roster

Kaemyn Westerman

Brandon Harris

Dawaun Diggs

Daviante Scott

Zee Aldridge

Jyron Beasley

DeQuan Diggs

Dave Solet

Javon Pharagood

Tamajh Verdin

Samirian Smith

Maurice Matthes

Kanye Holmes

Falon Short

Ashton Jones

Malachi Duclas

Jacolby Harris

Jeremiah Naul

Camron Woods

Dajorean Curry

Dejuan Barrow

Javon Ricks

Andre Gardner

J’Sean Johnson

Jarrod Johnson

Xaviah Bryant

Lamahj Plant

BootBoyz 18u 7v7 Roster

John Hubbard

Lecoreyan Compton

Ashley Williams

Vinny Rotolo

Jacob Dupree

Emanuel Franklin

Elisha Murphy

Covanta Milligan

Kenjaylen Nixon

Malik Blair

Sedrick Knight

Treyveon Perkins

Dylan Day

Treveon Frank

Marquette Duncan

Cameron Johnson

Darrius Jones

Tyler Fortney

Chase Square

Kentrell Knox

Heisman Griffin

Redhawk 18u 7v7 Roster

Abram Johnson

Damon Blocker

Ryley Myers

Zhaver Jupiter

Aquanis Roberts

Brandon Melchior

Micah Johnson

Jay Richardson

Jack Harrington

Byron Stewart

Josh Alonzo

Jacobsen Comeaux

Billy Rabensteiner

Jamarion Magee

Keshawn Manning

Jordan Woods

Javien Lee

Christian Walker

Stone Town

Maxwell Warren

Matthew Payne

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