November 30, 2022

Bengals play Homecoming Spoilers, beat Tara 33-8

Makih Palmer (#1) and the Belaire Bengals warming up for the game against Tara
Makih Palmer (#1) and the Belaire Bengals warming up for the game against Tara

The Belaire Bengals travelled to Istrouma High School to take on the Tara High School Trojans for Tara’s homecoming game. Going into this game, Belaire was 2-0 in homecoming matchups this year, one win at home and one win at Istrouma, so they were looking to rekindle that magic from their first game at Istrouma.

Tara started with the ball after a Belaire onside kick, and turned over on 4th down. Belaire threw an interception returned touchdown, called back by a block in the back. Denichlass Jeter responses by picking off an arid throw by Tara, and just like that, Belaire got the ball back. The teams traded punts, and Belaire responded with a touchdown. Tara punted again, and Jeter rushed in for a touchdown. A Tara drive ended the half with our score being 14-0.

Belaire received the ball to start the second half, and punted after some negative plays. Tara fumbled on the first play back with the ball, recovered by Jayden Butler, and then Belaire fumbled the ball right back to Tara. A Trojan punt set the Bengals up with good field position, and Makih Palmer took advantage with a rushing touchdown. Tara fumbled again on the ensuing drive, leading to a Lacoreyan Compton touchdown this time. With 5 minutes left in the game, Tara came down with a score and a 2 point conversion to move to down 19, but they would still need a miracle. Belaire sucked all hopes out of Tara with another Makih Palmer touchdown, and the game ended with a score of 33-8. 

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